The Department of Communities has created an infographic titled ‘Working Together for a Common Purpose’ to demonstrate to stakeholders what Early Years Networks are and how they work to achieve better outcomes for local children and families. This document highlights the importance of the early years in a child’s life to provide the foundations for a future of good health, solid relationships and overall wellbeing in adulthood.

Researchers at Curtin University have developed a self-help guide to improve mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide provides ideas from international experts to improve mental health and wellbeing in children, teenagers, adults and older adults.  

You can find out more here - COVIDCBT

The Department of Communities helps to acknowledge the significant efforts of Western Australia's volunteers through the WA Volunteer Service Awards program. The program recognises Western Australian (WA) volunteers who have provided 25 years or more of voluntary service, and in 2021 will also acknowledge those volunteers who have served across multiple organisations. To find out more visit

A new 'one-stop hub' that will make it easier for people experiencing or at risk of family and domestic violence to access services has been officially opened in Mirrabooka.

The hub will provide integrated wraparound services to enable people experiencing family and domestic violence to get help sooner, and closer to where they live.

There will be a focus on providing culturally safe and trauma informed services and supports for people from all backgrounds. The consortium partnerships with culturally and linguistically diverse services will ensure supports are tailored for people from these communities, and partnerships with Aboriginal organisations will allow for the provision of Aboriginal-led services for Aboriginal people. Media statements - Perth’s first one-stop domestic violence hub opens in Mirrabooka

On the International Day of People with Disability, the Hon Stephen Dawson MLC, Minister for Disability Services launched A Western Australia for Everyone: State Disability Strategy 2020-2030. Developed based on an all-of-community consultation process, the strategy sets the foundation for building a more inclusive Western Australia, empowering people with disability to participate meaningfully in society and to have the resources to do so.

A decision has been made to gradually phase out swimming pools and spas at family day care services, along with implementing other safety measures. This decision will require changes to the conditions set on family day care providers and educators as well as regulation amendments that will need to be progressed through both national and Western Australian legislative processes. The Department of Communities will update family day care approved providers and educators as these changes progress.

For more information read Minister McGurk’s media statement or visit the Education and Care Regulatory Unit.

The operators of two new specialist family and domestic violence facilities in Kalgoorlie and Mirrabooka were announced this week by Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Simone McGurk.

The One Stop Hubs (Hubs), which are due to open in December, are the first of their kind in Western Australia, and will offer an integrated, wraparound service for victims. Services will include culturally appropriate support, counselling, legal and financial supports, making it easier for victims to access the right support and reducing the need to re-tell their story to multiple agencies. 

The contracts were awarded to:

  • The City of Stirling – Mirrabooka
  • Hope Community Services Ltd - Kalgoorlie

To find out more about One Stop Hubs visit

An online resource, Safer WA for Children and Young People, has been launched by the Minister for Child Protection Simone McGurk.

The online resource provides relevant information about keeping children and young people safe, while also featuring a dedicated page for children and young people to access information about online safety, how to seek help, and assistance with reporting allegations of abuse.

The webpages also provide information on support services for victims and for survivors of child sexual abuse and maintains a link to the Royal Commission website and the survivors’ Message to Australia.

The online tool will continue to be updated with information on the progress of Royal Commission recommendations being implemented.

Additionally, the Department of Communities has also created a new public resource designed to aid recruitment and staff management processes through its Creating Child Safe Organisations brochure.

The brochure provides practical and relevant information for organisations and supports one of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations recommended by the Royal Commission.

For further information, please visit the Safer WA for Children and Young People resource.

This latest report from the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre’s Focus on Western Australia series looks to add to our understanding of the lives of young children in Australia, the environment within which they live and learn, and the services provided to families to enable their children to thrive

To reframe how we talk about parenting means beginning our communications with what children need to develop well, rather than what parents should do to be effective. It also means we must stop highlighting how hard parenting is, because that gets people stuck on problems rather than solutions. The research also shows a way forward on how to use metaphor to help explain that the external environment shapes parenting. It shows that describing the parenting experience using a navigating waters metaphor really resonates with the Australian public.

ARACY, Director of Policy and Practice, Annette Michaux covers the main points from the research in this webinar.

ABC Kids Early Education

The Australian Human Rights Commission welcomes the appointment of Ms Anne Hollands to the role of the National Children’s Commissioner.

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Australian Early Development Census in