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I have in recent days heard much public commentary aimed at encouraging political and community leaders to hear and respond to the views of WA children and young people.

Since the creation of the Commissioner for Children and Young People WA in December 2007, more than 11,400 WA children and young have been consulted by this office.

The topics of these consultations have been varied and reflect the complex issues unfortunately affecting children and young people’s wellbeing, including alcohol-related harm, youth justice, out-of-home care and mental health.

The young participants in these consultations, many of whom have personally experienced personal challenges and disadvantage, have provided great insight and detail regarding what change is required to increase their safety and nurture their healthy development.

Given the recent commentary and focus on listening to the views of children and young people, it is timely to again promote these reports.

They are in my view a powerful resource for the WA community and agencies working to create a better future for vulnerable WA children and young people, and I urge everyone to use and further promote them.

The links below will direct you to pages where the resources are available:

Speaking Out About Wellbeing

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