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Pingelly Early Years Network

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The Pingelly Early Years Network The Pingelly Early Years Network is a collaborative group of service providers, community members, parents and educators working together to creatively develop and implement strategies to benefit the life outcomes of children through the following guiding principles:
•Prioritisation of child development in the early years.
•Fostering the development of all children (0-6 years) through promotion and engagement in early years’ strategies, with 0-5 year olds being a priority target.
•Supporting parents and carers to raise their children through:
More uniformed communication avenues and collaboration between agencies, community groups and individual community members.

Raising awareness and promoting strategies for parents that improve school readiness.

The provision of accessible and appropriate services, facilities and environments.

Engagement of all parents in services and activities which will promote optimal child development, particularly from high risk groups.

Ongoing support provided to existing programs which promote the development of children. 

Existence of a representative body to advocate for issues which affect Early Years in Pingelly

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