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Building on the positive news that we received from Minister McGurk at the recent Early Years Networks Forum, we are pleased to inform you that the Department of Communities has agreed to continue funding the Connecting Early Years Network Support Program from July 1 2018 until June 30 2019. This funding will enable WACOSS to continue the Project Officer Community Engagement role for three days each week, plus some managerial support from the team at WACOSS.…
Background At the culmination of 10 years of the Commissioner for Children and Young People’s office, it is timely to listen and reflect on what more than 11,000 children and young people in WA have told us about their lives. In doing so, it is clear that more needs to be done to meet the needs of our most vulnerable children and young people. In March 2018, the Commissioner released a discussion paper…
Thank you to the 110 members of Early Years Networks from across the state of Western Australia who attended the 2018 PLACE for Children Forum in Perth on April 12. The team received lots of positive feedback about the benefits of event. The keynote presentations have been loaded to the Resource section of the EYN Portal. Please share the information that you gained from the event,  widely with other Early Years Network members who could not be there on the day.…

CoLab launches new resources in  Brain Development in Early Childhood and Poverty and Inequality


 Drawing on the research of the Telethon Kids Institute and other leading early childhood organisations, CoLab seeks to provide a repository of current research and information, that is easily accessible, understandable and practical for a range of audiences including policymakers, practitioners, educators, researchers and the community.


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The Connecting Early Years Networks portal has been purpose built for the Early Years Networks. Here the networks can

  • Search for networks in a region

  • Share information 

  • Share resources

  • Promote their events

  • Post discussions about current issues 

This portal has many features networks can personally customise for their group. Most of the information on this space is publicly available so you can promote the great work being done by your network and encourage wider support of the network from new members.


"As a member of two early years networks, I am a big advocate for using the Early Years network portal. This resource has been a bit of dream for many years – that one place to go to connect with each other and share resources with other early years groups. It is great to see this dream come  to fruition and see so many people using it. The more of us that are on there, the better it will become, so I highly recommend signing up if you haven’t already and check out all of the resources, start sharing stories and connect with other networks across the state."

Karen Dales-Anderson

“Members of the Pilbara Early Years Group Network, as part of the WACOSS Connecting Early Years Portal find the view ahead with the training and presentations calendar of events, most valuable.  This information allows regional people to view not only online webinars coming up months in advance, but also the training and presentation opportunities coming to regional centres, as well those being provided in Perth.  It’s vital for regional members to have a clear view well in advance of what’s on offer, given that both staffing and travel/distance challenges, are ever present”. Debbie Allcott