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  The 2018 National AEDC conference was the second national conference to bring together a broad range of professionals to improve the lives of children and families across Australia. In 2015, the National AEDC conference showcased the diverse ways the AEDC was being used to identify and respond to the needs of children and families, to inform research, and as a policy driver.…
WACOSS's Chris Twomey, Leader, Research and Policy Development recently presented at the Financial Counsellors Conference. A copy of the presentation slides are attached below.
As part of Children's Week Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation Inc hosted a seminar on Education and Emerging Futures. Presentations from Kim Flintoff, Karen Wellington and Griffin Longley are available to listen to by clicking on the links below. Kim Flintoff:  Karen Wellington:…
The State Budget Submission is the culmination of sector-wide conversations of the most pressing issues facing the sector, and the recommendations for the State Government Budget. Click on the link below to access the Submission.  
 A free event supported by the State Government through the Department of Education and Lotterywest, this year’s presentation will take an exciting look at the future of education in a digital age for early childhood educators, as well as primary and secondary school teachers, as they support the learning of children and parents. Get your free tickets here.…



"As a member of two early years networks, I am a big advocate for using the Early Years network portal. This resource has been a bit of dream for many years – that one place to go to connect with each other and share resources with other early years groups. It is great to see this dream come  to fruition and see so many people using it. The more of us that are on there, the better it will become, so I highly recommend signing up if you haven’t already and check out all of the resources, start sharing stories and connect with other networks across the state."

Karen Dales-Anderson

“Members of the Pilbara Early Years Group Network, as part of the WACOSS Connecting Early Years Portal find the view ahead with the training and presentations calendar of events, most valuable.  This information allows regional people to view not only online webinars coming up months in advance, but also the training and presentation opportunities coming to regional centres, as well those being provided in Perth.  It’s vital for regional members to have a clear view well in advance of what’s on offer, given that both staffing and travel/distance challenges, are ever present”.

Debbie Allcott