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Early Years

The Department of Communities (Communities) believes that building on strong foundations in the early years brings lifelong benefits to our children and to the whole community. Investing in the early years can reduce social inequalities in children's outcomes and has long lasting impacts on communities.

Early Years Networks (Networks) are integral to supporting the State Government's priority to increase by 10 percent the number of children who are developmentally on track on all five domains of the Australian Early Development Census

(AEDC) by 2027. To find out how the children in your community are tracking click here.

Communities will collaboratively work with the Department's of Health, Education, Networks and the whole community to help deliver the Bright Future target in the Early Years by  improving the health, wellbeing and education of our children.

Who we are 

We are a multi-function human services agency that was established in 2017 as part of a major reform of the Western Australian public sector.

Everything we do is about people, place and home.

People reflects our focus on the needs and aspirations of the people we serve. We support people to be the best they can be, and to live a good and meaningful life, a life with opportunity.

Place relates to a collective sense of self and how and where people connect to the world around them.

Home is more than a building; it has a deep, emotional meaning. While home is different for everyone, it should provide both physical and emotional security.

Our purpose

The Department has defined its purpose as follows:

Collaborating to create pathways that enable individual, family and community wellbeing.

Collaborating is about using the unique capabilities of our clients, their family, friends and networks, other agencies, and the community and private sectors. We combine their efforts with our own for greater collective impact.

Our strengths-based approach supports people and communities to grow, and ultimately, to thrive.

By providing pathways to change and supporting people along their journey, we ‘do with’ rather than ‘do to’ or ‘do for’. Our overall aim is to empower people to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own lives.

What we do has far-reaching impacts across all aspects of society.

Supporting wellbeing can mean many things including ensuring children are safe, helping people access a home, or creating diverse and inclusive communities. 

View our Strategic Plan.

District Leadership Groups

District Leadership Groups (DLG) are responsible for developing and leading on-the-ground responses to achieve local outcomes. The groups operate across Western Australia and meet regularly to explore local issues and initiatives. Membership of the groups include representatives from State and Commonwealth governments, local government, the community services sector, Aboriginal community-controlled organisations and industry.
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Early Years and Parenting

Email:         EY@communities.wa.gov.au