An online resource, Safer WA for Children and Young People, has been launched by the Minister for Child Protection Simone McGurk.

The online resource provides relevant information about keeping children and young people safe, while also featuring a dedicated page for children and young people to access information about online safety, how to seek help, and assistance with reporting allegations of abuse.

The webpages also provide information on support services for victims and for survivors of child sexual abuse and maintains a link to the Royal Commission website and the survivors’ Message to Australia.

The online tool will continue to be updated with information on the progress of Royal Commission recommendations being implemented.

Additionally, the Department of Communities has also created a new public resource designed to aid recruitment and staff management processes through its Creating Child Safe Organisations brochure.

The brochure provides practical and relevant information for organisations and supports one of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations recommended by the Royal Commission.

For further information, please visit the Safer WA for Children and Young People resource.

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