The team have had a very busy few months since our last newsletter. We are very sad and happy all at the same time to say goodbye to Dianne Casotti our Learning Development Officer as she leaves to start her own family! Dianne’s contribution to the Project has been invaluable and she will be greatly missed by the team and all the staff at WACOSS. We wish her well in her future endeavours and her own early years network at home! 

Showcasing Event - “Early Years Networks Have Talent”

2 November 2016

The Showcasing Event “Early Years Networks Have Talent” draws closer! We still have spots available for this, so get in quick as we now have 60 people registered. We have a jam packed day full of great presentations from early years networks and Professor Donna Cross is providing the key note address. Come along and join the wider community of early years networks to see what is happening in likeminded communities. We are all a part of a bigger picture to improve outcomes for children in WA so let’s share the great work and learn from one another.

If you would like to attend this event is FREE for members of Networks. Please contact the team at The event will be held at the RISE Function Centre, 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands WA 6051 from 9.30am — 4pm. 

Early Years Champions


This Newsletter provides a platform to share good news stories from early years networks!

Here is a story of the great work that Boddington Early Years Network Inc are doing in the Wheatbelt. 

“The Boddington Early Years Network (BEYN) decided in 2015 to begin the process of becoming incorporated, this was completed in May 2016 and we are now known as Boddington Early Years Network Inc.

The collaborative decision behind becoming incorporated was to increase the sustainability of the network into the future. This provides more avenues for funding and makes the Network easier to manage from an administrative point of view.

We found the process of becoming incorporated relatively smooth and the Department of Commerce were very helpful along the way. It was pretty straight forward as the steps are set out for all applicants. We chose to adopt the model rules of our constitution which simplified the process even further.

Since the inception of the Boddington Early Years Network we have seen Boddington’s AEDC community profile data figures improve and less children within the area are now considered at risk across the 5 domains reported on.  Going on these results it would be detrimental to Boddington if the BEYN was no longer sustainable.

Going forward becoming incorporated allows the network to have its own bank account and to be able to purchase materials at wholesale cost, fundraise and apply for grant funding in the future should we wish to do so. We see it as a means to becoming more financially stable and secure.  For us, being financially secure enables BEYN to continue to host annual events such as Children’s Week, National Simultaneous Storytime and Messy Play Day. It allows us to continue to facilitate workshops and programs aimed at building the capacity of families and enhancing the development of children 0-5 years of age in Boddington.

BEYN is in a position to assist other community groups that have a direct impact on local families and children such as Boddington Family Support group with funding towards projects and workshops that they themselves facilitate for the Community”.

~ Written by Simone Baker, Boddington Early Years Network Inc

Evaluation Survey Winner


Following our Evaluation Survey back in July the winner of the draw was Fionna Greig from the Derby Early Years Network! Fionna won a free subscription to the Child Australia online learning centre (valued at approximately $800) which was generously donated by Child Australia. Thank you to everyone who completed the Survey. The results from the Evaluation have provided us  with the opportunity to capture key lessons on the project so far and provide  future recommendations for the project .

Evaluation - Executive Summary Report


The Executive Summary Report of the Evaluation was uploaded onto the EYN Portal – if you have not had the chance to read it yet please click here to access it.

WACOSS + RDA Pilbara Partnership “All aboard the Spinifex Express”

Following conversations with early years networks in the Pilbara The CEYNP Project provided a small amount of funding towards the initiative “All Aboard the Spinifex Express” This was a partnership between IBN Corporation, Regional Development Australia Pilbara (RDA Pilbara) and the Connecting Early Years Networks Project. Initiated by Aboriginal organisation, IBN, as a piece of early childhood theatre All Aboard the Spinifex Express follows the waterholes on the track from Port Hedland to Marble Bar using song and dance to teach children about Aboriginal language and the animals who call the Pilbara home. 

To find out more about this fantastic event please Click here

Creating Partnerships with Parents to build your Early Years Network

CEYNP partnered with Ngala to offer members of early years networks training in how to engage  parents in their network.  The training had great feedback. We asked a network member Kylie Tanner, Communications & Engagement Officer from Connecting Community for Kids who attended the training in Collie on 27th September to offer some feedback about the training. Please see her responses to our questions below.

1.   What key messages did you take away from the workshop?

How difficult it can be to engage parents, but how vital it is to engage them

Ask ourselves why we are here and why we need to engage parents.

Ideas on how to engage parents (important to meet them where they need) and how to keep them.

2.How would you describe this workshop to other early years networks?

Interactive and Informative.

3.Can you tell us about your expectations for the workshop? And if the workshop met these expectations.

I didn't really have specific expectations, however I found it very engaging and welcoming and extremely informative.

CEYNP is happy to announce that we are offering more opportunities for EYN’s to attend this FREE training coming up below:-


21st November 2016

Time:- 9.30 am – 3pm

Venue:- Tuckey Room, Mandurah City Civic Centre, 83 Mandurah Tce, Mandurah


Perth Metro

22nd February 2017

Time and Venue – TBC

If you would like to attend the above training please contact us at to confirm your spot. 

Networking & Learning from other Early Years Networks



The CEYNP wants to support networks to strengthen their connection to other Early Years Networks within the community by providing opportunities to meet / hear from other members of EYN’s to share ideas and information. For the next six months (October 2016 – March 2017) we will be supporting EYN’s within a reasonable travel distance from each other to connect and attend the meetings of other EYN’s. We will do this by providing an administrative / co-ordination role of matching you up with other networks. For those networks in more rural locations that cannot attend other networks in person we would also welcome the opportunity to support you to tele/video conference into other network meetings (technology permitting).


We want to hear from you if you are willing to host EYN members at your next meeting (in person or  via telephone and those who would like to experience attending a different network meeting (in person or by telephoning into the meeting.


Why attend another Early Years Network Meeting?


By attending other EYN meetings you can take away new ideas and inspiration to feedback to your own network and  build or strengthen your connection to another Early Years Network..


If this sounds good? Follow the instructions below and tell us about any topics that might interest you:-

 Email the following information to :

  • Your full name:
  • Name of Early Years Network:
  • Topics of interest: e.g EYN’s that use the AEDC Data, Parent / Community member engagement, Local Government engagement and advocacy work in the community.
  • My Early Years Network is happy to open our meetings to other members of networks via in person / call in (please ensure to only offer call in if you have the facilities to do so) (Yes / No):
  • I would like to visit in person / teleconference an EYN Meeting (Yes / No):
  • Our next Early Years Network meeting is:

We will get back to you with a network that matches your interests and preferences. Or if you are welcoming other members from networks to your meeting either in person / via call in we will send through their names and which networks they are coming from.

We would also like to get some feedback from you about your experience of attending other EYN Meetings, so expect a follow up conversation with Pauline or Carin from the team.

Introducing a Reference Group Member – Gail Clark, AEDC Coordinator

The CEYNP is guided by a  Reference Group which provides invaluable advice and support to our work.. We are pleased to share with you information on  our Reference Group Members who will introduce themselves in each Newsletter.

“In recognition of the important work undertaken by the Early Years Networks and the Early Years Network Support Project– Connecting Early Years Networks, it is a pleasure to be a member of the Early Years Network Reference Group."

My name is Gail Clark and I am the Western Australian AEDC Coordinator, based in the Office of Early Childhood Development and Learning, Department of Education. I commenced working as the State Coordinator in 2009, managing the implementation of the AEDC throughout Western Australia.  As many of you will be aware, the AEDC is much more than a data collection tool - it is a vehicle for interagency partnerships and the coordination of services to better meet the needs of families and young children.  As such, my role is complex and multifaceted.  I manage the data collection during the census period, analyse and report the results for Western Australia, and work across the State to help facilitate the use of the AEDC - working with communities (including EYN), service providers, schools and governments to effect positive change for children and families.  I have already had the pleasure of working with many EYNs and look forward to continuing to do so.  


I am pleased to let you know that the Early Childhood Development in Western Australia: Australian Early Development Census: State Report  2015 is available on-line at  The report complements the Community Profiles and maps available on-line (   Overall, the 2015 results shows some positive emerging trends with regard to young children’s development in Western Australia; although it also indicates that there is still important work to be done to address developmental vulnerabilities” Gail Clark 


Developing Partnerships between Early Years Networks and Local Government - Northam

Interested to know how early years networks and Local Government can work together? Early years networks are invited to attend a FREE training held in Northam on Developing Partnerships between Early Years Networks and Local Government.

What can you expect on the day?

A half day workshop developed by a partnership between the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) and WACOSS.

The workshop is facilitated by WALGA. This is an interactive workshop which will look at areas such as (but not limited to) the drivers for Local Government strategy, explore policy and planning frameworks and also look at the importance of the early years.

Achieving positive outcomes for children in their early years depends on all of us – parents, services, governments and the whole community working together.

Find out how your Early Years Networks and Local Government can work together to ensure children thrive in their communities.

10th November 2016

Time:- 9am – 1pm

Venue:- The Department of Education, McIver House, 297 Fitzgerald Street, Northam

If you would like to attend the above training please contact us at to confirm your spot.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact us.  We want to hear from you!!  If your network has a good news stories you want to showcase on our Newsletters we want to hear all about it! 

We can be contacted at: or alternatively call 08 6279 1203.


We absolutely love this quote at the CEYNP Team and we believe the fantastic work you are doing in your communities is causing a ripple effect!

"It takes a Village to raise a Child" - African Proverb


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