The Valuing Children Initiative is aiming to have all children and at forefront of our thoughts. It aims to inspire Australians to value all children and to understand that the wellbeing of children is everybody's business in the community. Their vision is the a society in which all children can flourish, have a safe, caring and supportive childhood and maximise on their potential. You can support this initiative by promoting the understanding that how we value children has a direct impact on how we see and act towards them, and the priority we give their needs. To help you support the initiative you can incorporate the language of the Valuing Children Initiative and the Foundation paper in publications where appropriate. You can providing public support for Valuing Children Initiative activities that you or your organisation also support and distributing the Valuing Children Initiatives Foundation paper, media releases and resources through your networks. For more information please visit the website;

Please see below a video of support from Pr Fiona Stanley;

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