August 2016 Edition 

The team are really excited to have the opportunity to share the first edition of the Early Years Networks Newsletter! 


A Newsletter will be sent out Bi-Monthly and will provide a platform to showcase and share the great work that Early Years Networks are doing in their communities. 


Firstly here is a summary of what the Connecting Early Years Networks Project (CEYNP) is if you aren’t entirely familiar with us yet!


The Connecting Early Years Networks Project is a two-year pilot project developed by WACOSS and funded by Lotterywest and the Woodside Child Development Fund.  This project aims to support early years networks to become or remain sustainable and achieve their full potential. We provide support that is realistic, practical and builds capacity.

The Team

Let us formally introduce ourselves! (from left to right)

Dianne Casotti - Learning & Development Officer, Pauline Gallacher - Community Engagement Project Officer, Sue Nye – Manager of Social Policy, Carin McCashin, Community Engagement Officer & Ubaid Hayat, Drop-IN Team

Early Years Champions


We want to use the Newsletter as a platform for us to share together good news stories from early years networks!

Here is a story of the great work that Bullsbrook Early Years Network is doing in their community…

Bullsbrook Early Years Network

“We recently held 'Paint the Swan REad' event. This was our second year running the event and was back due to community demand. The event was a great opportunity for local and external service providers to engage with parents. So much so we had a 100% increase since last year with participates engaging in the event.   Parents engaged with service providers to hear what is available to them in their community to meet their needs. Children had a great time discovering the world around them from engaging in service activities that are not usually made available to them” ~ Louise Mihailovic

The whole event raised the Early Years awareness in the community!!!

How many Early Years Networks are there in each Region?

There are a total of 49 Networks across WA and they are broken down by region below. 

If you would like to find out the exact locations of networks please go onto the networks tab or  Click Here

So what has been happening in the project?

Over the past 6 months the team has been travelling around Western Australia meeting, talking and building relationships with networks. We have been supporting networks to:- 

  • Implement their action plans
  • Engagement with their local council
  • CEYN Portal training to build information sharing capabilities
  • Increasing networks strategic influence

Where have we been visiting?

The team has been doing heaps of travel – our car mileage has certainly clocked up a few km’s 

KimberleyPeelSouth West
Great SouthernGoldfields / EsperanceGascoyne

We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting  networks and have found a lot of real value in getting a sense of where the networks are at and hearing all about the great work that is being done in your communities! 

Early Years Networks Guide to working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities


The CEYN team hosted x 2 yarning conversations facilitated by The Cultural Connection Code (TCCC) of which a total of 39 participants attended (over the x 2 conversations) including stakeholders and members of early years networks.  The workshop outcome was to explore the opportunities and barriers to both engaging with aboriginal parents and families to join Early Years Networks and how networks can better support Aboriginal children in their early years and families in their local community. The result of both of these conversations was an EYN Guide that has been co-designed between WACOSS & TCCC to better support early years networks to connect with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities.


To access the guide please follow the following link Click Here

Showcasing Event – Early Years Networks Have Talent

The next get together for early years networks is coming up on 2 November and we don’t want you to miss out! After we hear Professor Fiona Stanley inspire us with her key note address get excited to see the work of other networks as they show case their secrets to success. Come along and join the wider community of early years networks to see what is happening in likeminded communities. We are all a part of a bigger picture to improve outcomes for children in WA so let’s share the great work and learn from one another.

More details will follow in future Newsletters! For now please send an email to reserve your spot:

What are we going to be doing over the next 6 months?

Some of the work we will be covering at the Project over the next 6 months:-

    • Local Government Engagement Strategy
    • Further training and development (please Click Here to be taken to the training and events tabs)
    • “Early Years Resource Kit”
    • Enhance information flow across and between networks
    • Undertake and build advocacy capacity on behalf of networks
    • Showcasing event – “Early Years Networks Have Talent”
    • Continuous improvement / building & sustaining relationships with networks


We will be sharing much more insight and detail about our work above and what we are doing in future Network Newsletters! 

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact us.  We want to hear from you!!  If your network has a good news stories you want to showcase on our Newsletters we want to hear all about it! 

We can be contacted at: or alternatively call 08 6279 1203.


We absolutely love this quote at the CEYNP Team and we believe the fantastic work you are doing in your communities is causing a ripple effect!

"It takes a Village to raise a Child" - African Proverb


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