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Sessions are to be held on Wednesday 17th April and Wednesday 12th June at Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre, Wanneroo. Register by contacting Amanda Grimmond :    
CEYNSP Autumn Newsletter
Hi, Please enjoy reading the latest news, information and resources from the CEYNSP.
Please see below the link to the position paper prepared by SNAICC – National Voice for our Children, and Early Childhood Australia. It highlights key issues that impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and makes recommendations to government and policy-makers…
Emergencies can happen at any time. They can be as large as a flood or fire, or as personal as a death in the family. But the better you prepare for them, the easier it is for you, your family and your community to recover. We are seeing emergencies occur more frequently and with more severity. The Pillowcase Project is a school based disaster preparedness program; designed to target students aged 8-10,…



"As a member of two early years networks, I am a big advocate for using the Early Years network portal. This resource has been a bit of dream for many years – that one place to go to connect with each other and share resources with other early years groups. It is great to see this dream come  to fruition and see so many people using it. The more of us that are on there, the better it will become, so I highly recommend signing up if you haven’t already and check out all of the resources, start sharing stories and connect with other networks across the state."

Karen Dales-Anderson

“Members of the Pilbara Early Years Group Network, as part of the WACOSS Connecting Early Years Portal find the view ahead with the training and presentations calendar of events, most valuable.  This information allows regional people to view not only online webinars coming up months in advance, but also the training and presentation opportunities coming to regional centres, as well those being provided in Perth.  It’s vital for regional members to have a clear view well in advance of what’s on offer, given that both staffing and travel/distance challenges, are ever present”.

Debbie Allcott